Streamer Beamer Video

Recently we decided to take one of our Streamer Beamers and a couple of cameras outside and shoot a little quick video to show just how amazing these little things are. They shoot streamers and confetti and are powered by standard co2 powerlets that you can buy at any sporting goods store. Please enjoy.  

Customer T-shirt Launcher : Ping Golf

Here are a few shots of a project we recently did with Ping Golf. From what i understand they had Bubba Watson showing up at random golf courses launching Ping Golf gloves. Pretty cool use for one of our cannons. This is just a quick reminder that our cannons can be used for more than […]

Hot Dog Shape Video Trailer

Check out the new video trailer featuring our new Hot Dog Shape for Micro Mini and Bleacher Reacher Pro. These are just a sample of the custom shapes that we are able to build. If you can dream it…we can build it.

Confetti Cannon

Looking for a quick and easy way to shoot confetti at your next event? Look no further than our confetti cannon. This is a smaller modified version of our immensely popular Streamer Beamer. This cannon is perfect for shooting indoors and at smaller functions. Check out the video below to see the cannon in action.

Just how fast does a Micro Mini charge?

Just the other day i had a customer ask..”Exactly how long does it take to charge a Micro Mini before firing?” Since this is not the first time i have heard this question i thought why not test, time it and shoot a video of the test. So below is the resulting video. Oh.. and […]

New Hot Dog Shape for Micro Mini

Check out this cool hot dog shape that we did recently for a customer. They sent us a picture of one of their hotdogs and we built the shape based on it. This is yet another great way that our cannons can be customized to display your brand to the next level.We have the capabilities […]