Streamer Beamer

The Streamfetti Blaster™ is our solution to the age old problem of launching confetti and streamers at a reasonable price. The Streamfetti Blaster is constructed of durable machined aluminum (not cheap pvc) and aircraft grade lexan. Its one hand operation is easier than all other similar products and we offer a lifetime warranty with lifetime support as well. It is available in two different lengths. The short barrel version is perfect for shooting half sleeves of confetti or streamers shorter distances, while the long barrel version will send streamers and confetti up to 70 feet! By using standard 12 gram cartridges this lowers the per shot cost dramatically. Plus the security of knowing that the cartridges are available at any sporting goods store means that in a pinch more fuel is only a Wal-Mart away(our prices are cheaper). We also encourage you to be sure and inquire about our pricing on cartridges, streamers, and confetti. We offer a one-stop shop for all of your promotional needs!


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