Why should I buy a cannon from

10 quick reasons why should I purchase a cannon from

1. Lifetime Warranty – We offer this FREE – we believe in everything we make this much!

2. All our cannons use high grade machined parts – NO PVC!!

3. Excellent tech support (we will walk you through your first time using the cannon)

4. We will custom adapt any of our cannons to shoot anything

5. We offer your logo on the cannon FREE OF CHARGE

6. Our engineers created the first T-shirt cannon

7. We are the only one in the industry who offers a rapid loading cannon for promotional items (8ball launcher)

8. Our cannons are made entirely in the USA

9. For your convenience we offer an online shopping cart. If you don’t want to talk with a representative, you don’t have to.

10. Our barrels are made of the same high quality, high safety GE LEXAN used on the space shuttle

How many shots can my launcher shoot?


Here is an example of the # of shots you can expect from a 20oz. CO2 bottle. Note that the weight of the t-shirt, temperatures & weather conditions, and the angle at which you launch affects the distance and # of shots. Also, when you get your CO2 bottle filled, make certain they are filling it with 20 ounces. The optimum launch angle is 32 degrees. You should experiment with your launcher to obtain the optimum distance and air usage for your individual setting.

How do I refill the CO2 canister?

The CO2 tanks we sell with our cannons hold 20oz of CO2 and are refillable. You may have them refilled at any gas/welding shop, paintball store, sporting goods retail store, dive shops, and beverage distributors. CO2 is the carbonation in fountain drinks, so if your venue has drink dispensers at your concessions, you probably have large CO2 tanks onsite and have the ability to refill your own CO2 canister with a fill station that can be purchased directly from us. For a video on how to fill your CO2 tank CLICK HERE.

What is the barrel made of?

The barrels on our cannons are made of GE LEXAN material. This is the same material used on the space shuttle, fighter jets with see through canopies, and throughout the healthcare industry. We use this for a number of reasons. First and foremost, safety. By using LEXAN we are using the strongest material available, ensuring safety. Also, by using LEXAN, we enable our customers to instantly know exactly what they are launching. By using a clear LEXAN barrel you never have to second guess what is about to be launched into your audience

What type of warranty do you offer?

Limited Lifetime Warranty

War Machine Inc. warranties to initial retail purchaser that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship, subject to the limitations of the warranty. Disposable parts (o-rings, seals etc) are not warranted. The use of non sanctioned accessories or upgrades is not covered and will void your warranty. This warranty does not cover aesthetic damages (scratches, dents and nicks) misuse, or improper disassembly and re-assembly, or attempts made to drill holes, remove metal or modify this product from its original state, which could cause pressure safety factors or degrade the performance. This warranty does not cover failures due to wear and tear, exposure to the elements or extreme conditions. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective parts with the customer to pay shipping costs. This limited lifetime warranty is effective to the original customer with proof of purchase and proper warranty registration. The warranty is non-transferable. Repair or replacement of defective material is at the discretion of WAR MACHINE INC.

Warranty Claim/Return Policy

For any warranty return/claim needed, please contact our RMA claims department at 1-864-349-1500. An RMA number must be issued prior to any warranty return. Please be sure to mail your warranty registration card found in your shipping package for proper registration of your War Machine Product. All returns must be shipped pre-paid to:

War Machine Warranty Depot
3429-B Rutherford Rd. Ext.
Taylors,SC 29687

Do you rent T-shirt launchers?

Yes. If you would like to just try our launchers before you purchase, or if you need a launcher for a one-time event, take a look at our rental program for pricing and info.

What type of optional accessories do you offer?

We offer a number of accessories such as extra CO2 tanks, scales, and fill stations. See our accessory section for pricing and info.

What is your return policy?

WAR MACHINE INC. / does NOT offer refunds or exchanges. Under certain circumstances if an order does qualify (including prior approval from War Machine/ for a return, a 20% restocking fee will incur. If you have a product compatibility question or issue, we recommend you call our sales staff prior to placing your order to insure that the product in question will work with your application and/or setup.