HPA vs CO2 Which is right for me?

What is CO2?

Carbon dioxide and is stored as a liquid within the tank

What is HPA?

Compressed air tanks, commonly called High Pressure Air (HPA), Nitrogen, Nitro, or N2 Tanks, are filled with compressed breathable air similar to a scuba tank.

How many shots per tank do I get with each?

On our Micro Mini with a properly filled tank in optimum conditions, you should expect this many full prerssure (250psi) shots:
20oz CO2 – 30+ shots
48ci 3000psi HPA – 30+ shots
68ci HPA @3000 psi – 40+ shots


HPA Pros

– Consistent pressure no matter the outside temperature
– Tank does not get cold when firing a lot of shots fast
– Can be filled yourself using a bulk tank and a fill station
– Cleaner gas for gun internals
– Readily available at scuba shops and paintball shops
– cheaper to fill

HPA Cons

– tank initial cost is more


CO2 pros
– some people already have CO2 delivered to their facility (drink machines, etc)
– Can be filled yourself using a bulk tank and a fill station
– Lower cost tanks
– More shots per fill because its a denser gas

CO2 cons
–  Check with your local paintball/sporting goods stores to comfirm availablity for tank fills
– After a series of shots quickly the tank can get cold to the touch
– Not as clean as HPA on  the gun internals/seals